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Seabourn unites many worlds in one. The world of ultra-luxury offers a generous amount of space with manageable numbers of guests. This is where you remember your name and wine orders, and your preferences and wishes are addressed and taken into account before they are expressed. Then there is the world of adventure, a game of hide and seek with the treasures of our planet.

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Walk on the blue ice of Antarctica. Ride a camel through Dubai. Hidden ports, street markets, wine tasting, whale watching, every day, the chance for another breathtaking moment. No one else can combine these two worlds as well as Seabourn. Every journey is an adventure through the extraordinary worlds of Seabourn.


Order exclusive Black River Osetra Sturgeon Caviar, which is sustainably produced using unique wild animal breeding methods.


  • Each ship has no more than 300 suites for a relaxed ambiance reminiscent of a private yacht.
  • Intuitive, friendly service by staff who are enthusiastic about delighting guests
  • Spacious all-suite accommodations, most with verandas, offer breathtaking views.
  • Unique routes include must-see cities as well as exquisite hidden gems that are inaccessible to larger ships.
  • Award-winning gourmet cuisine inspired by a strong partnership with head chef Thomas Keller
  • Fine wines are served for lunch and dinner. There are also open bars all over the ship.
  • Enjoyable distractions such as wine tastings, deck parties, and massage moments on deck ensure entertainment and relaxation

Exclusive benefits

Personal concierge

Deluxetargets cocktail party

Free exclusive shore excursion 

or 150 USD onboard credit

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