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The Ferrari Tour of Italy is a unique journey, individually created for you to experience the Italian way of life fully. Each Ferrari trip in Italy is a subtle blend of art, gastronomy, and spectacular scenery. It is ideal for couples in search of the ultimate romantic getaway.

Ferrari Tours Italien

Select your Ferrari from the latest models in the range or drive all of them and discover the difference between the 8 and 12 cylinders if joining a tour with some friends.

Travel by Ferrari between Rome and Florence, along the most dazzling Umbria roads, Lazio and Tuscany. Red Travel has selected itineraries in Italy providing pure driving pleasure, breathtaking panoramas, and sheer joy. The journeys are available in 1 to 8-day packages. They can be tailored to your requirements, potentially including yachting, golfing, hot-air ballooning, and transfers by private jet, as well as visits to most exclusive locations (wine estates, castles, etc.).

Enhance your Ferrari tour of Italy with a glamorous pre or post-tour getaway. You may choose to visit one of many magnificent Italian sites of interest, or main cities such as Milan and Venice, or even take in Paris, London, Barcelona, or the French Riviera as other tempting luxurious stays.

Your time will be as precious to us as it is to you. This is an exclusive holiday where your every need is taken care of. Our staff will discreetly ensure its complete success. Your Ferrari Personal Assistant will always be at your disposal to guide you through the most scenic roads or to assist you – either on the phone or in-person – with expert advice to enable you to experience Italy in a Ferrari on your own.

Dining in Italy’s finest restaurants, sleeping in Italy’s grandest hotels, and driving Italy’s most prestigious car – we guarantee that the Ferrari Tour will fulfill all of your desires. It is an exciting incentive for VIP clients or top staff and an imaginative opportunity for a corporate event.

Please note: A deposit of 10,000 EUR is required for the car. Fuel for the car, drinks, meals, and night transfers for dinner are not included.

Italy, Europe

Duration 4 days

Travel from April to October

Minimum 2 travellers

Price from 8,600 USD per person

Get in touch with one of our travel advisors and request more details about this luxury experience.

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