Feel the Spirit of Alaska


A remote paradise lies deep in the Alaskan Wilderness, accessible only by bush plane. Immersed in nature, you will discover an outpost designed for adventure and enhanced by comfort, 100 miles from the nearest road.

We welcome our guests into an experience that blends a family-run business’s unique reality with the soul-expanding freedom of true wilderness adventure. The lodge is an unbridled speck of civilization and comfort deep in the heart of the largest protected landmass on earth. 100 miles from the end of the road, we use bush airplanes as safari vehicles to examine the most remote glaciers, loneliest alpine valleys, and wildest creatures in this land ruled by the midnight sun.

There are no itineraries, no daily schedules, simply adventures in their purest and most comfortable form. We draw upon our lifetime of experience in this area to provide our guests with the experience of a lifetime. Visits are intimate, all-inclusive, and totally off-the-beaten-path.

Wrangell St. Elias is not only the largest National Park in the United States; it is also a World Heritage Monument that contains 9 of N. America’s highest mountains, the largest and most concentrated amount of nonpolar ice fields, and access so limited that only bush planes can venture beyond its borders. The Claus family has been living within this unimaginable space for three generations and welcomes a minimal number of guests to experience a wild kingdom most people will never see.

The lodge is home to no more than 12 guests at one time and is the ideal venue for family and small group vacations. We cater to all ages and abilities; provide experienced guides for each group and any equipment necessary to partake in daily adventures.

Great care is taken to ensure that creature comforts are indulged after the senses are overwhelmed by nature. Guests return to the lodge each evening and find the wood-fired, sauna and self-spa hot and deeply relaxing; cold drinks ready to be enjoyed on their cozy deck; a gourmet Alaskan dinner being prepared with fresh and wild ingredients and a feather bed waiting to rejuvenate them for whatever awaits tomorrow.

Alaska, North America

Duration 6 days

Travel from March to October

Minimum 1 traveler

Price from 7,200 USD per person

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