Flying Safaris across Africa


This is a unique way of traveling in Africa that opens up another dimension to a typical African safari: the continent’s beauty from the air. Accompanied and guided by expert pilots who are also experienced safari guides. Almost any country can be visited.

Flug Safari AFrika

An itinerary put together as a flying safari may require a different approach. Still, it can be advantageous, especially in Africa, where distances are huge, and the terrain is tough. This type of travel cuts long and tiring transfers over rugged terrain – you often land directly at the lodges’ private airstrips – and yet it maintains all the ground activities, actually it may even allow participants to enjoy them more since they are less tired when they arrive at their destination. For guests wishing to visit a combination of remote areas in a short space of time, a flying safari is certainly the answer.

Some of the advantages of a flying safari

  • All our tours are with a dedicated aircraft and a professional pilot-guide. The obvious advantage is that our plane remains with you all the time. Our schedule is set to give you the best experience, not to match plane timetables or the operator & camp needs (if the pilot is with you on safari, you will never be rushed away from a kill sighting, the plane waits!). The utmost flexibility is guaranteed: it is you who creates the pace and rhythm of your own holiday!
  • Our pilots are more than just pilots: not only are you most welcome to ask to lift the wing to enjoy the best light for the perfect photo-shot, but once on the ground, your pilot turns into a knowledgeable and attentive tour leader. He will be your constant reference when moving through the various lodges to help make sure your needs and desires are met.
  • A safari flight is not just a “fast” transfer from A to B but rather a real “planned” unforgettable experience with each air route studied in detail. The most direct way is not necessarily the most beautiful one: it is quite the norm to fly longer than what would be strictly necessary and to fly “off route” to reach that special place, to enjoy that best aerial panorama, to glide low for “spying” on the wildlife and to check that remote rural village of that isolated culture.
  • Our pilots are all “senior”: they have been guiding flying safaris all over Africa for a minimum of ten years and have logged thousands of flying hours. They are therefore extremely reliable and aware of what happens at each “next” destination.
  • We aim to satisfy and exceed our clients’ expectations. Being an independent operator, not related to any lodge or camp collection, the only guiding principle when designing an itinerary is what is best for our guests.
  • It is possible to create tours which combine several countries and with pilots who know all the countries visited, up above and down below!
  • All arrangements are specially matched to the clients requirements: the expression “tailor-made” with us acquires its full meaning, from the planning stages to the actual trip itself.
  • We offer a unique approach to unveiling the world: nothing can be more special than discovering every corner of Africa aboard a private plane; nothing can make you experience freedom more than flying over infinite horizons. 

There is no better way to explore – from the sky and on the ground – the highlights each region has to offer, even those far off-the-beaten-track or difficult to reach by road.


Duration 7 days

Travel all around the year

Minimum 2 travelers

Price from 5,400 USD per person

Get in touch with one of our travel advisors and request more details about this luxury experience.

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