Sri Lanka Leopard Safari


Camp in style in Sri Lanka’s jungles, experience leopards and other wildlife up close and personal, and get pampered by an award-winning service!

Are you ready for the experience of your lifetime?

You will arrive at the safari camp hidden in the bushes bordering the National Parks just in time to enjoy a home-made Sri Lankan lunch.

After settling in your private African canvas tent, you will leave in a customized Toyota safari jeep for a 3hrs game drive, accompanied by owner Noel or one of our other expert naturalists. Entering the park from the back entrance helps to avoid meeting other tourists from the main gate. During your safari, you will be taken through dense scrub forest, open plains, and rocky areas on the lookout for the elusive leopard. According to research, Sri Lanka’s National Parks have the highest density of leopards globally, which makes them ideal places to spot the top feline predator in the country. On your safari through the park, you might also come across majestic elephants, fluffy sloth bears, graceful deer, scary crocodiles, gregarious wild boar, and a wide array of colorful birds.

You will leave the park in the fading sunlight and arrive back at the campsite in pitch darkness, welcomed by fireflies. Fire lanterns and the bonfire help you to find your way to the cozy lounge where sundowners await you, and you can stretch your legs before rinsing off the dust from the bumpy drive in your open-to-the-sky hot or cold shower.

Smoky smells from the jungle BBQ will invite you to the lantern-lit dining table where you can swap stories about wildlife sightings with other guests or learn from your camp host about Sri Lanka and its wildlife. Listening to the lullaby of crickets and frogs, you will fall asleep in a canvas tent with a king-size bed and crisp white linen.

The next morning, you will wake up early to the sounds of the jungle and have freshly brewed coffee or Ceylon tea before heading off for another safari. The best chances of seeing leopards are during dusk and dawn, so we try to ensure that you are one of the first visitors to enter the park.

After more safari adventures, you will return to the campsite for a scrumptious colorful breakfast before you have to make the difficult decision – whether to get lazy or active? The options are endless; you can have a nap in a hammock, relax in the lounge with a book from the wildlife library and a chilled beer, or watch the animals coming to drink at the lake. Or you can decide to explore; your camp host will be happy to take you on a nature trail around the area, you can get your hands dirty by working in our vegetable garden, or you can learn how to prepare a traditional Sri Lankan meal in the jungle kitchen.

These are only some of the adventures waiting for you, so now it is time for you to go and camp in style!

Sri Lanka, Asia

Duration 2 days

Travel all around the year

Minimum 1 traveler

Price from 1,000 USD per person

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