Walking Safari in Serengeti


Walking is one of the greatest ways to discover the African Bush. To get really connected rather than just riding around in a tin box like the rest of the tourist herd. The opportunity to walk in the Serengeti National Park is a rear and exclusive treat.

Since the founding of the Serengeti National Park in the early fifties, vast areas have been set aside as Wilderness Zones. They make up a whopping 35% of the park, and zero access was permitted until last year.  Only a handful of companies are permitted to take clients into these unique and fragile areas. We were selected due to our long experience offering low impact multi-day walks in environmentally fragile parts of the adjacent Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

For those looking for a unique and active safari experience, a walking safari provides a welcome break from sitting in a vehicle for days on end. While walking, you have the opportunity to stalk wildlife, search for tracks, and mix with indigenous cultures.

The Serengeti National Park has recently been opened for walking safaris. African Environments is proud to be the first company to be permitted by National Parks to develop and operate walks in the Serengeti.   Since we have been offering walking safaris in the nearby Ngorongoro Conservation Area for more than 15 years, we have a solid base to build on.  Being chosen to develop these Serengeti walks underlines our safe working practices, high eco-standards, and commitment to adventure travel. The walking areas in the Serengeti are pristine and fragile – virtually unvisited for the past 50 years – and we are committed to preserving this stunning wilderness.

With itineraries in the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Game Reserves bordering the Serengeti National Park, we can design the best trip according to the season and wildlife movements (see Planning).   All walks are accompanied by local Maasai guides and our highly trained Tanzanian Trip Leaders, and an armed ranger. These trips offer an insight into the fascinating cultures of the different tribes of Northern Tanzania; the trips may include time spent with either hunter-gatherer tribes or Maasai, both still following the traditional way of life.

Depending on the itinerary, a walking trip may be vehicle supported or may use Maasai donkeys to transport the camp. Clients only need to carry a small daypack with water and personal gear for the day.  On our walking safaris, you will generally move camp every day, which requires a simpler, lighter weight camp. We have designed a special walking safari camp: Tents are dome style with 2 cots per tent, the mess tent is large, weatherproof, and fully screened with tables and chairs for meals, and food is slightly simpler than our “Luxury Camp” food.

Our most popular itineraries run from 2 to 6 days and can be inserted as part of a vehicle-based game viewing safari, or they can stand alone. Walking trips allow us to visit the more remote and unspoiled parts of the country and to see the landscape and culture with very little outside influence

Northern Tanzania, Africa

Duration 5 days

Travel from December to March

or from June to October

Minimum 2 travelers

Price from 5,000 USD per person

Get in touch with one of our travel advisors and request more details about this luxury experience.

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