Antarctic Peninsula Adventure Cruise


Antarctica’s ultimate first-time experience: 11 days to experience the magic of this awe-inspiring wilderness with profusions of penguins, pods of whales, and towering glaciers, all amidst massive blue and white icebergs in the natural beauty of Antarctica.

Sailing in comfort aboard the Akademik Ioffe, this 11-day expedition begins at the tip of South America. We chart a course through the Drake Passage and make visits along the way through the South Shetland Islands. When we arrive at the Antarctic Peninsula, prepare to be dazzled.

The wildlife here is truly extraordinary, including five species of seal, massive rookeries of Gentoo, Adelie, and chinstrap penguins, as well as a profusion of seabirds and the opportunity for whale encounters, too. You will experience nature up close and personal on expedition landings and zodiac cruises.

Our journey will take us to Petermann Island or Wilhelmina Bay, where we encounter colossal icebergs and, of course, the ice landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see. Hardy adventurers, or those with a yen for history, have the chance to camp out on the ice overnight and feel the thrill of the early explorers who attempted to conquer the white continent.

Everyone has their idea of a perfect day, and this expedition cruise offers limitless options for you to choose your own activity each time you go ashore. There’s sea-kayaking, guided hikes, bird-watching, and specialist photography programs. You are the decision-maker on how your expedition unfolds!


Duration 11 days

Travel from November to March

Minimum 25 travelers

Price from 5,500 USD per person

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