Virgin Galactic Space Flight


Your ticket to space – Virgin Galactic is the world’s first spaceline. We’re offering you the groundbreaking opportunity to become one of the first non-commercial astronauts. A brief moment of silence, then the rocket engine ignites …

After 2 days of flight preparation and meeting your crew, you are ready and can get started. Virgin Galactic has developed a new and environmentally friendly technology to advance into space. This technology does not produce any “space junk” and can therefore be described as environmentally friendly.

You take off from Spaceport America, a specially built space airport in New Mexico in the USA. The space airport is located in the middle of the desert and is very futuristic.

The missile itself consists of 2 components: a carrier aircraft and a spaceship. The spaceship is attached under the carrier aircraft. The carrier aircraft takes off like a normal aircraft and brings the space ship to 50.000 feet. Then the countdown follows …

The spaceship is clicked out by the carrier aircraft and goes into free fall for a few seconds – and then the rocket starts. The spaceship accelerates with impressive power to around 4,500 km / h, or almost four times the sound speed. You are pressed into the seat and feel the strength of the G-forces. After only 90 seconds, you will reach the limit of space.

After the spaceship is weightless and gliding in space, you can take off your seat belts and enjoy the cabin’s weightless state. Virgin Galactic designed the Spaceship so that you have large windows for a breathtaking view of the earth.

Now you have around 5 minutes to take photos or enjoy the view of our home planet.

Then it is time to buckle up again and prepare for the return flight to earth. Virgin Galactic has developed a sophisticated system for re-entering the atmosphere. Like a shuttlecock, the spaceship is pulled back to earth by the force of gravity. In the Spaceship itself, it is like a glider flight. The spaceship itself then lands like a normal airplane on the runway of Spaceport America.

After about 3 hours after the start, you are back on the ground, and you can celebrate as an official astronaut.

Virgin Galactic’s goal is to bring you the most incredible experience of your life. The journey will be intense, exhilarating, and the more you can simulate beforehand, the better you can enjoy it.

This trip is suitable for people aged 18 and over. When booking and before the flight, medical examinations are carried out to certify the airworthiness.

Deluxetargets is the exclusive partner of Virgin Galactic in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. We are aware that there are many questions about this trip in particular – so we are happy to answer your questions.

Space opens up – be part and see the world through different eyes! We accompany you on your way there.

New Mexico, USA

Duration 3 days

Travel all around the year

Minimum 1 traveler

Price 450,000 USD per person

Get in touch with one of our travel advisors and request more details about this luxury experience.

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