Laucala Island


Situated in the South Pacific Ocean in the Fijian archipelago about 2,100km north of Auckland, Laucala Island offers an unexpectedly varied scenery. The island is of volcanic origin and covers an area of 12.2 km².

Laucala Island

The island’s east is characterized by untouched mangrove forests and white sand beaches, while mountains of up to 260 m and lush tropical vegetation dominate the landscape further inland. The east coast is of similar nature and home to ferns, old trees, and the island’s farm. The resort stretches over 4.2km in the north of the island. The remaining area, which is about 50 % of the island surface, remains untouched and just as nature has intended.

With a private beach, unique panoramic views, built on stilts over the laguna with a private island to swim, on a secluded peninsula with a beach and an airfield high up a mountain – each of our 25 residences on Laucala Island is a palace of good taste. With a clear commitment to nature and a combination of space, Fijian tradition, specially designed interiors, luxurious comfort, and smooth transitions between inner and outer areas, our accommodations allow for unimagined and undisturbed privacy and authentic Laucala luxury.

Romantic candlelight dinners at the private beach, fine dining at the elegant Plantation House Restaurant, authentic and special Asian delicacies at the Seagrass Restaurant, a cocktail whilst watching a spectacular sunset at the Rock Lounge, modern finger food at the Pool Bar, or a barbecue at the Beach Bar, which perfectly reflects the tropical atmosphere around. A wide range of culinary rarities and specially selected wines satisfy every wish.

Laucala Island shows its most heavenly side when it comes to sports and cultural activities. Dive through a unique underwater world, trips through the rain forest, horse-riding, sailing, an 18-hole championship golf course, or an encounter with local artisans – everything is possible on Laucala Island. There are also plenty of activities for our younger guests, including the Kids Club with its comprehensive program as well as the 5,000 m² pool and our Premium Spa.

Fiji, Oceania

Duration 4 days

Travel all around the year

Minimum 1 traveler

Price from 6,800 USD per person

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