Private Jet & Helicopter Charter


The chartering of aircraft has become an essential part of people’s lives both for business and pleasure. Flexibility and increased security make chartering far more attractive than scheduled service options.

If time is money, every minute you spend away from your desk is a cost to your company. Avoiding long lines at check-in desks, lengthy security checks, delayed flights, and overnight stops; these are just some examples of saving time when flying privately. The greater flexibility of on-demand charters means if your meeting takes longer – the aircraft will be waiting for you. If your site visit finishes early – you will get home sooner than expected.

Good communication is essential in business. Many aircraft are available with on-board multimedia facilities such as a fax machine, satellite phone, and internet and ample space to conduct business meetings.

Chartering an aircraft could also cost a lot less than you expect, considering the time spent away from the office, expensive hotel bills, and entertainment.

Private aircraft chartering is a common choice for the discerning traveler. Whether you plan a weekend away in the Seychelles, a break in the French Alps, or a multi-destination trip, chartering an aircraft provides luxury and uncompromising cabin comfort.

Relax in the tranquillity of a private aircraft and immerse yourself in first-class cuisine, from gourmet meals and fine wine to tailored menus for specific dietary or religious requirements. With vast multimedia resources, fully reclinable seats, and lie-flat beds on the majority of all larger aircraft, you can expect a superior level of on-board comfort.


Duration 1 day minimum

Travel all around the year

Minimum 1 traveler

Price from 8,500 USD per person

Get in touch with one of our travel advisors and request more details about this luxury experience.

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