Luxury Roundtrip in Kenya


Africa’s magnificence lives in Kenya. The wildebeest migration and the prowling predators, the mighty Rift Valley and it’s Indian Ocean coastline, and 42 colorful tribes waiting to meet with you. Here, magical moments are endless.

The geography of Kenya is quite diverse. Divided almost in two by the equator from East to West and the Rift valley from the North to the south, the undulating landscape forms immaculate scenery dotted with numerous lakes along its floor. The golden coastline of the Indian Ocean stretches over 580 kilometers from the South coast of Mombasa to the island of Lamu. The inland broadens from endless plains to rising forests to the Masai Mara’s rolling savannahs, to the Summit of Mount Kenya (Africa’s second-highest point) to the semi-arid and desert of Northern Kenya.

Kenya’s heaven of wildlife can be found in National Parks, Reserves, and Conservancies. In large tracts of land spanning hundreds of kilometers, wildlife roams abundantly and freely hunting in the untouched wilderness. The wildlife spans almost evenly across the country, giving the safari traveler a complete wildlife adventure searching for the big five. The wildebeest migration takes place each year from the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania into Masai Mara from July to September, showcasing the largest wildlife spectacle in the world.

Kenyan culture is an eclectic mix of varied cultures. With more than 40 different ethnic groups in Kenya, each has its own individual characteristics. Traveling from one location to the next takes you to a unique identity of people who bring out Kenya’s colorful diversity and immense beauty.

Your safari can be combined with various accompanying activities: boat rides on the lakes, cultural visits, biking, mountain climbing, balloon safaris, white water rafting, guided walks, birding safaris, horse and camelback safari, diving, water sports, shopping, and historical visits.

Kenya, Africa

Duration 7 days

Travel from December to April

or from June to October

Minimum 2 travelers

Price from 4,200 USD per person

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