Heliskiing in Canada


Welcome to Bella Coola. Our mandate has always been, and still is, to create a product designed by skiers and snowboarders for fellow skiers and snowboarders. It’s all about enjoying powder snow with your best friends in the most stunning terrain imaginable.

With awe-inspiring ski & snowboard terrain, a heli on your front lawn, gourmet dining, and a luxurious wilderness setting, Tweedsmuir Lodge Heliskiing is our original heli skiing and heli boarding experience. The watchwords are privacy and exclusivity. This is an experience enjoyed by only a lucky few each year.

Pantheon Heli skiing is our “Western Frontier,” a heli-skiing experience like nowhere else. Huge unexplored peaks, first descents as far as the eye can see, and genuine home-style Ranch hospitality makes this location a unique heli-skiing opportunity for the adventurous soul.

Finally, we have the Big Mountain Heli-Skiing operation, which is all about maximizing your verticals and getting the most bang for your buck. We have stripped out the fluff and focused on the goods. With the emphasis on providing more heli-skiing, your dollar buys you more verticals than is possible elsewhere, without compromising quality!

We offer a variety of heli-skiing programs. Some are only offered at specific locations.

  • Private and Semiprivate Heli Experience:
    A private helicopter just for you and your friends. Everything is designed to guarantee operational flexibility and maximize the chances of finding the best snow and the ultimate ski and boarding holiday of your life.
  • The Vertical Heli-Skiing Programme:
    Heli-skiing or boarding based on a set number of verticals is the most common program in the heli-skiing industry. The main advantage from the client’s point of view is that you know what and how much you are getting.
  • Heli-Ski Safari:
    The most exclusive tour of all and the ultimate in adventure skiing – similar to our popular semi-private or private helicopter tours, but with a major twist. The week starts in Bella Coola with 2-3 days of heli-skiing while based at the historic Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Midweek, on a day chosen by your guide for its promise, you will transit to our second heli-ski operation at Pantheon. You will fly and ski your way 200 kilometers up the spine of the Coast Range. This is a wilderness so remote that few people are lucky enough to see it, and no one has been lucky enough to heli-ski it all.
  • Rod & Ski Club:
    Ski perfect velvety smooth spring corn-snow in the morning, and then switch gear and fish for 15kg (50lbs) plus spring salmon in the afternoon.
  • Heli Assisted Touring:
    The first and original HeliAssist™ is the perfect hybrid of Alpine Touring and Heli skiing: more exploration and freedom than touring, and less expense than traditional heli-skiing. Ski and tour all day and experience true adventure, then return to a warm bed and personalized Canadian hospitality.

All activities at the lodge require good mobility and general health. Heli-skiing in the winter requires the participants to be fit to enjoy everything the mountains have to offer.

Canada, North America

Duration 3 days

Travel from December to April

Minimum 1 traveler

Price from 4,700 USD per person

Get in touch with one of our travel advisors and request more details about this luxury vacation.

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