Luxury Biking in Portugal


Unforgettable experiences, where no expense is spared to offer you exclusive lodgings; gourmet cuisine that deliciously combines tradition with innovation; the kind of personal service only possible with small groups; and highly customized, educational routes.

Explore Portugal by bike – A small paradise on the edge of Europe, made of water, sand, mountains, and, above all, lots of sunshine. We’re well known for our hospitality and openness to other cultures. Millions of people from all over the globe can’t help but be seduced by our history, landscape, cuisine and wines, arts and crafts, landmarks and monuments, but most of all by our friendly and easy-going people.

Although it rarely gets too hot, the sun is present all year long, and the rainy season is short and light. It’s not unusual to find people enjoying our fine sand beaches in October or March.

These are no ordinary bike rides.
Seriously, if you’re expecting mountain trails, sweating a lot, shrink-wrapped sandwiches, souvenir shops, or waiting in line to see monuments, you should probably look elsewhere.

We take care of you the minute they step on the Portuguese floor! We have partnerships with the most exclusive lodgings, and we provide transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, taking care of you to the very last minute.

On our Guided Tours, you’ll always be accompanied by a guide and a personal chef who prepares wonderful meals in selected magnificent locations in the middle of nature. This is only possible because our trailer provides support during the entire tour, fully equipped with a kitchen (you can even enjoy a glass of wine while taking a break and enjoying de scenery), a luxury restroom, and our bicycles.

Last but not least, our Tours are not only family-friendly but family-oriented: from the choice of accessories that range from tandem bikes to baby chairs, to our selection of routes that are accessible enough to be made by beginner cyclists, every detail of our Tours was carefully designed with family and friends in mind. Whether a member of your group is 8 or 80, he or she will certainly enjoy our rides with minimum effort and complete comfort.

Portugal, Europe

Duration 7 days

Travel from September to November

or February to July

Minimum 4 travelers

Price from 4,500 USD per person

Get in touch with one of our travel advisors and request more details about this luxury vacation.

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