From Singapore to Bangkok by Train


Moving gently from great cities to paddy fields and faraway mountains, each journey on the magnificent Eastern & Oriental Express train takes passengers in the lap of luxury to places that will intrigue and delight.

Approaching the gleaming green-and-gold carriages of the Eastern & Oriental Express, guests are welcomed by stewards in exquisite uniforms. Their hands pressed together in a gracious gesture of welcome. This is an extraordinary beginning to an extraordinary few days to come.

All the journeys offer a unique opportunity to meet fascinating people both on and off the train. Meet the elders of tiny villages or Thailand’s first female oenologist at a cutting-edge winery. This is about adventure, discovery, and excitement, whether you choose one of our four new journeys, entitled the Chronicles of South-East Asia, which venture even further off the beaten track and into the heart of Thailand, Cameron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, and Laos, or embark on one of our Classic Journeys – Bangkok to Singapore and vice versa.

Accompanying you to the exotic destinations are our friendly staff, striving to make your journey as tranquil as possible while you enjoy the lush landscape passing by. The beautiful carriages, elegant cabins, and fine dining enhance an unforgettable journey.

Singapore/Bangkok, Asia

Duration 3 days

Travel all around the year

Minimum 1 travelers

Price from 2,300 USD per person

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