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SHA is a wellness clinic dedicated to improving people’s health and well-being through a fusion of ancient oriental disciplines and revolutionary western techniques.

There are three main areas at SHA: The método SHA, anti-aging, and aesthetics medicine. These areas aim to ensure that all guests enjoy a pleasant stay and leave looking and feeling younger and healthier, revitalized, and renewed both inside and out. Guests will experience a fundamental change in their bodies, improving their quality of life, slowing down the aging process, and preventing illness.

All SHA’s programs and treatments are created and supervised by world-renowned experts, including the eminent Michio Kushi, the world leader in modern macrobiotics.

SHA had always ensured that everything is exquisitely planned right down to the finest detail, even before the first stone was laid. Located in a magical setting where peace is the essence, blessed with a warm climate and stunning views that never fail to move even its most distinguished clients. The results speak for themselves: paradise on earth, spread throughout five buildings that are in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings, set atop the beautiful Sierra Helada del Albir, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and close to the peaceful town of Altea, all at the service of your well-being, health and beauty.

SHA is a world-wide pioneering well-being clinic focused on improving and notably lengthening people’s health and well-being through the fusion of the best natural therapies, mainly originated from millenarian eastern wisdom, and the most advanced western techniques. SHA’s major fields are nutrition and natural therapies (the SHA Method), Healthy-Ageing, and non-invasive Aesthetic Medicine.

Situated in Albir Beach, nearby the picturesque town of Villa de Altea (Autonomous Region of Valencia), SHA sits on a beautiful mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, part of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, one of Spain’s foremost ornithological reserves. The mild and agreeable microclimate of the area guarantees fantastic temperatures all year round, the World Health Organization area as having one of the World’s best climates. This is an important factor in the maintenance of optimum health.

Accessibility: 80 minutes away by car from Valencia International Airport and 40 minutes by car from Alicante International Airport. VIP transfer service is offered from both airports. Furthermore, SHA has its own heliport for the clients.

SHA Wellness Clinic has the firm intention of helping society through the care of both mind and body using the ideal combination of ancient oriental techniques and the ultimate advances in western medicine, thus re-establishing a harmonious balance between body, mind, and spirit.

SHA’s objective is that our guests, after a pleasant stay, feel more vital, healthful and young, with a more healthy appearance, leaving inwardly and outwardly renewed, producing a fundamental change in the organism, with an improved quality of life, thus slowing down the aging process and preventing illnesses.

The SHA Method – Enjoying good health means not only the absence of symptoms or discomfort but rather a state of vitality and well-being.

The SHA Method combines the effective elements of modern macrobiotics nutrition and the curative powers of natural therapies with a dynamic and practical educational program, totally personalized to satisfy each person’s needs and health goals.

The beginnings of this union of ability and wisdom become enriched by the curative power of food through the application of a macrobiotic diet adapted to modern times, and merging Mediterranean and Japanese elements, being prescribed individually for each of the guests by the team of consultants, and realized by masters of haut-cuisine.

Macrobiotics has helped thousands of people to discover a simple and natural way to establish and re-establish good health, often during a serious illness. All this has been realized, focusing on commonsense, creating a diet that adapts to the most up-to-date nutritional investigation, reflecting the wisdom gained through thousands of years of observation of the country whose people, on average, live longest in the whole world. Modern Macrobiotics is flexible and possesses a dynamic focus that easily allows it to be applied to individual needs. The guidelines for a healthy alimentation include a wide variety of foods prepared with the kitchen’s most sophisticated and delicious arts. For this reason, a growing number of personalities from all walks of life are taking the Macrobiotic direction as the path to better health and vitality.

Natural therapies see illness as an unbalance between body, mind, and spirit, thus fostering the organism’s power to cure itself. Acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga, chi-kung, tai-chi, watsu, physiotherapy, laughter therapy, reflexology, moxibustion, and reiki, are some of the therapies SHA Wellness Clinic offers you.

Everything is created and supervised by internationally renowned experts. We find the famous Michio Kushi, named in 1995 The President of the World Association of Natural Medicine, and advisor of many international organizations, the father of modern Macrobiotics, and Director of Natural Therapies at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Spain, Europe

Duration 1 day minimum

Travel all around the year

Minimum 1 traveler

Price from 200 USD per person

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