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These General Terms and Conditions of the travel organiser DELUXETARGETS, Alte Haslenstrasse 5, 9053 Teufen, Switzerland, subsequently referred to as: Deluxetargets apply to our relationship with you as a customer and regulate all requests, bookings and contracts with us and through us (Deluxetargets).

In the event of inconsistencies with written agreements made with us, such agreements shall have priority over these terms and conditions. We put business operations placed in writing on a par with our online booking services and business by e-mail.

Dear customer,

We offer you a meticulously considered selection of travel services, we will be happy to advise you when selecting specific services and arrange or organise them for you to the highest standard. Please note that we can apply a fee for our advisory services regarding your specific travel programme in case no booking is made (see paragraph 1.3 General Terms and Conditions). Single services arranged through us such as accommodation, transport or special tours are subject to the terms and conditions of the responsible tour operator. These terms and conditions are a step-by-step guide starting from the first non-binding request to the conclusion of the contract up to your return home.

I General conditions

1. Request and consultancy

1.1 Your online request 

Our website www.deluxetargets.com offers you access to our wide range of specialised top-class touristic services. Please note that, prior to booking, all offers remain non-binding and may change at any time. 

The “Ask Travel Designer” button will lead you to the request form. At the click of your mouse you can send the completely filled form with your desired data directly to the relevant tour operator. In order for your request to be processed, please accept these General Terms and Conditions with a simple mouse click. 

1.2 Our consultancy services 

In cooperation with us the tour operator will process your online request form within 5 working days. We will be happy to compile your desired travel services in form of an individual proposal.

In order to compile the proposal and promptly share information on your queries or desires we will require your contact data (email address, telephone and fax number). Your data is treated as strictly confidential and serves for this purpose only.

1.3 Our travel proposal 

Please note that by this time our proposal is still non-binding (dates, services and costs are subject to change). The proposal can only be confirmed by your subsequent booking (paragraph 2 GTC). Processing your (online) request as well as consultation services may be connected with a high work load on our part. Upon your request, you will receive an (initial) proposal for your round trip (or a special tour with more than three modules). If you would like to change or supplement your itinerary, we charge a service charge of CHF 300 EURO/USD/CHF. For inquiries and advice by email or phone, we charge from 50 EURO/USD/CHF according to expenditure. For a standard travel request per email or phone which includes flight, hotel and transport, the consultation fee is minimum  300 EURO/USD/CHF.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also expressly agree to this requirement

2. Booking, travel confirmation and travel documents

2.1 Booking a journey 

Your booking is regarded as a binding offer to Deluxetargets. Upon our written or electronic booking confirmation – generally within 48 hrs – a contract is being concluded between you and the travel organiser (a partner of Deluxetargets or our company itself). 

2.2 Tour operator’s terms and conditions 

These terms and conditions apply to the arrangement and organisation of contractual services unless: We act as a travel intermediary for travel arrangements or single services (such as flights) of other operators in case of which their contractual conditions apply. For your information we will send you the terms and conditions of any third party operator along with our proposal (fact sheet) in electronic form as an attachment or as a web link. 

With your booking you expressly accept these general terms and conditions. 

2.3 Travel documents 

You will receive your travel documents such as voucher, flight tickets etc. prior to departure and in due time as soon as we have received your deposit (see paragraph I.3.1 GTC) unless cash payment prior to departure or payment at another time have been agreed upon.


3. Conditions of payment and cancellation

3.1 Conditions of payment 

Together with the travel confirmation Deluxetargets will send you an invoice of the total price including the request to pay a certain amount as a deposit within a certain period of time and the due date for the remaining amount prior to departure. For credit card payments we reserve the right to add a surcharge of up to 4%. However, some journeys cannot be paid by credit card (e.g. Virgin Galactic). We will be happy to inform you about such individual cases. Deluxetargets reserve the right to withdraw from the contract without compensation, if the deposit or remaining amount of the tour price is not paid in due time. Please contact us immediately if there are problems regarding your payment. 

3.2 Price changes 

Deluxetargets reserves the right to raise the agreed price in the following cases: Changes in the tariffs of transportation companies (fuel surcharges), new or raised taxes or public fees (Value Added Tax, airport charges, security fees etc.), changes in exchange rates in connection with the journey. 

3.3 Cancellation terms 

Withdrawals from agreed travel services are subject to the terms and conditions of relevant tour operators. You will be paid a possible refund we receive from the operator after deduction of our expenses resulting from the cancellation, which are due immediately. 

The following cancellation terms apply to withdrawals from contractual services of Deluxetargets – we will refund specific rates of total prices of travel services, provided that the relevant service provider releases us from arising expenses, and the journey is cancelled prior to departure. Refunds are calculated as follows:

– up to the 60th day 50% / – to the 30th day 30% / – to the 15th day 15% of the price/ – to the 7th day 10%

Deluxetargets assumes no liability for the withdrawal of the tour operator offering the agreed travel services. In the event that Deluxetargets as travel organiser has to withdraw or cannot provide an agreed travel service, there can be no claim for damages if the cancellation is due to force majeure or the fact that a minimum number of participants for a group tour has not been reached.

3.4 Total travel price 

Should there be several services (in particular of round trips), Deluxetargets does not state the costs for each single part of the journey, but only one total price including all services. Prices that are not included and are to be disclosed as required by law remain unaffected. 

3.5 Guarantee fund for package tours 

Deluxetargets participates in the guarantee fund of the Swiss travel industry in order to secure our customers’ money paid in connection with package holidays.

4. Itinerary changes, rebooking and assignment

The terms of cancellation (paragraph I.3.3 GTC) apply mutatis mutandis to itinerary changes and rebookings on your part. Except for package tours travellers’ claims against Deluxetargets (arising from the contract or tort) may not be assigned to third parties without the express contractual agreement of the contractual partners. In the event that you cannot take the journey yourself, please inform us as far in advance as possible, so you can assign your booking to (only) one person who fulfils all conditions of participation. You as well as the person to whom you have assigned your journey to shall be jointly liable for the entire price and all expenses we incurred.

5. Travel arrangements and formalities (passport, visa, vaccinations, safety)

5.1 General information 

These terms are subject to frequent changes at short notice. For further information, please contact the embassy of your holiday destination or go to the countries’ websites (Switzerland: www.eda.admin.ch / Travelling and living abroad). You are fully responsible for gathering the information and making the required travel arrangements. Deluxetargets assumes no liability for inconveniences and consequences arising from insufficient preparation. 

5.2 Entering and leaving countries, safety and health 

Depending on the holiday destination there are different requirements to identity papers (such as passport, identity card), obtaining the required entry permits (via visa, vaccination card etc.) as well as customs declarations (such as for bringing in foreign currency etc.).

Please check any requirements well in advance. Unless you expressly instruct us to the contrary, all information by Deluxetargets is given on the assumption that you are Swiss citizen and fit to travel. 

5.3 Legal information for all-inclusive (package) travellers 

In the event that a package tour is booked with Deluxetargets we will give you ample notice on respective requirements assuming that you are Swiss citizen and fit to travel unless you expressly instruct us to the contrary. Making the required travel arrangements (see paragraph I.5.2 GTC) is again in your sole responsibility

6. Travel insurance

You are personally responsible for taking out travel insurance. Please check before departure whether you are sufficiently insured against cancellations, illnesses and accidents and in case of return transports. We strongly recommend you to take out an insurance to cover cancellation costs as well as a repatriation insurance and will be happy to assist you with further information.

7. Deficiencies

7.1 Warranty 

Deluxetargets only cooperates with experienced and reliable partner companies ensuring the top-quality journey you have booked to the best of our ability. However, should there be any deficiencies or should you want to complain about anything during the performance of the journey, please refer to the following procedure. 

7.2 Your notice of defect 

Please document your complaints (claims) in writing (email or fax will suffice) which you immediately submit to the service provider (e.g. your hotel) and local branch of your tour operator. Please refer to the person in charge to get advice on which remedial measures are suitable and possible. Record a chosen measure in writing and submit it to the service provider and local branch of the tour operator. In the event that the deficiency remains unremedied, please follow the same procedure again until it is remedied to your satisfaction or obvious that it cannot be remedied. 

Claims arising from deficiencies (initially or repeatedly) raised against Deluxetargets after the journey must be in written form and submitted to us in written form within 14 days after return. Such claims shall be forfeited after expiry of the period stipulated. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you expressly agree to these obligations and their consequences.

7.3 Claims against third party travel organisers. Claims against third party organisers must be addressed directly to these companies. Upon request we will be happy to arbitrate between the parties in order to come to a mutual consent.

8. Limitation of liability

8.1 Deluxetargets as travel intermediary 

As a travel intermediary of your bookings we ensure you to carefully select, instruct and control our partners / your tour operators. However, when dealing with large tour operators such as airlines we have limited options. Deluxetargets can therefore assume no liability for possible inconveniences and consequences arising from rebookings, overbookings, delays etc. for flights booked through us (see also paragraph II. GTC). Please also consult the terms and conditions of your airline. The liability for cases of ordinary negligence shall be explicitly excluded. 

8.2 Deluxetargets as a tour operator 

We are fully liable for damages regarding travel services organised by us that are caused by gross negligence and intention and exclude liability in cases of ordinary negligence. 

8.3 Deluxetargets as a tour operator for package holidays 

Our liability for damages regarding package tours organised by us shall be limited to two times the total price of the package except damages to persons and cases of gross negligence or intention.

9. Ombudsman of the travel industry (arbitration)

In the event of disputes arising from this contract we recommend you to refer to the independent ombudsman of the travel industry. The ombudsman aims to arbitrate in any case of disagreement between customers and us and achieve a fair agreement. The contact details are: Ombudsman der Schweizer Reisebranche (ombudsman of the Swiss travel industry), POB, 4601 Olten, Switzerland; or go to www.ombudsman-touristik.ch.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between Deluxetargets and you shall be exclusively governed by Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is the city in which our registered office is located. 

II. Special conditions for flights

Deluxetargets is not acting as a tour operator for flights. We shall therefore assume no liability for the conditions and contractual agreements of the flight bookings as well as for damages arising from the flight bookings. Please read up on the terms and conditions of your airlines. The following facts are for your information only and contain our recommendations for your flight services.

11. Connection flights

The standard times between two booked flights is calculated by the booking system of the tour operator or operators (airlines). As part of your booking with Deluxetargets we will be happy to advise you on connecting times, however, in each case you should consult your airline.

12. Flight reconfirmation

Most airlines are legally obliged to reconfirm the booked (return) flights. Nevertheless, Deluxetargets recommends you get a flight confirmation from the respective airline not later than 72 hours prior to departure.

13. Refunding flight tickets

Unused tickets for single parts of journey are usually non-refundable. Completely unused tickets submitted for refund within the period stipulated are usually refundable, which however often takes months. Also, the airline can raise high refunding charges. From our side a service fee will be charged for refunds.

Contact details

If you have any questions or suggestions about DELUXETARGETS Terms and Condistionsy,  please contact us at the following address:


Alte Haslenstrasse 5

9053 Teufen


E-mail: info@deluxetargets.com

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