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Imagine discovering pristine beaches, unknown cultures, and undiscovered atolls. With Windstar Cruises, you can indulge your curiosity by venturing to places you’ve always wanted to see. 

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By experts, windstar was recognized as the best cruise line for small ships because the ships are exactly the perfect size. Big enough to pamper and entertain guests, but also small enough to get into the tiniest harbors and hidden bays that others can’t.

On board, you will experience the extraordinary, always attentive crew, dishes made with fresh ingredients from the region, no formal nights, just a relaxed, elegant, and friendly atmosphere.


Enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon on the high seas with Windstar. Unique sunsets, a romantic breakfast in bed, a relaxing massage, and all while you sail to some of the most romantic places in the world.


  • Windstar ships can accommodate only 310 guests.
  • The 3 ships of the shipping company embody an extraordinary sailing experience, which always creates a special atmosphere.
  • Quickly get into a conversation with your fellow travelers while you have the wind in the sails with a glass of wine.
  • Windstar cooperates with the James Beard Foundation, bringing hip chefs and sommeliers on board who pamper the guests.
  • Enjoy an always attentive service that will inspire you and enable you to do exactly the right thing at the right time

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