South Pole Expedition


Experience the exhilaration of the southernmost point on Earth, the coveted goal of Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton. Fly to the South Pole, a journey as significant today as it was for those early explorers so many years ago.

South Pole

Experience the ultimate destination – the South Pole – where all 360 lines of longitude meet, and you can walk around the world in a few steps. One of the greatest stories in Antarctic exploration is the race to reach the Geographic South Pole. Amundsen and Scott’s heroic journeys still fascinate and inspire us to travel to the end of the Earth.

Using ski aircraft, we fly to the Pole, covering in several hours the distance that took those early explorers years of planning and months of hardship to achieve. History comes alive as we stand at 90 degrees South and imagine how they felt heading out across the frozen continent and into the unknown 100 years ago. We feel the spirit, determination, and discovery inspired a century of Antarctic exploration and scientific research. And we sense that a journey to the South Pole is as significant today as it was so many years ago.

You will fly by private transport jet from Punta Arenas, Chile, to our main camp at Union Glacier, deep in the heart of Antarctica. The atmosphere here is relaxed and welcoming. You’ll find roomy, twin occupancy sleeping tents, a spacious dining hall, fresh, delicious meals, and a spectacular setting. You’ll be surprised how comfortable Antarctica can be! The full-service camp is designed for Antarctic conditions and with best environmental practices in mind. It operates during the Antarctic summer (November through to January) and is dismantled at the end of each season.


Duration 8 days

Travel from December to January

Minimum 1 travellers

Price from 36,000 USD per person

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