Swim with Whales


The Kingdom of Tonga is one of the few places in the world where swimming with Humpback Whales is still allowed, and the tropical paradise of Ha’apai is simply the most beautiful and tranquil place for this.

swim with whales

Between July and October, Humpback Whales stay in Tonga to mate, give birth, and nurse their young. Join us on an incredible 5-day adventure to watch them play on the surface or even slip in the water and snorkel with them.

Every day of whale watching in Tonga is different, and there’s a vast array of interesting whale behavior that may be witnessed – from a single breath, graceful spy hop, or powerful tail slaps to beautiful singing, continual full body breaching, or inquisitive approaches to the boat.

As a fully licensed operator, we can take you swimming with Ha’apai´s Humpback Whales, and we strive to make it happen on every trip. However, it is good to realize that the whales are wild animals, and you will be observing them in their natural environment. The open ocean is nothing like a circus, and the whales are not trained to put on a show or sit still when a boat is nearby.

We are only visitors in their realm. After our guests’ safety, the whales’ welfare is our primary concern, so we always adopt a precautionary approach during our encounters. If the whales show signs of being disturbed, we cease contact.

That being said, our long experience with the whales combined with our careful approach technique usually results in exhilarating in-water encounters that leave our guests with unforgettable whale moments in Ha’apai.

Tonga, Oceania

Duration 7 days

Travel from July to October

Minimum 1 traveler

Price from 4,500 USD per person

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